210 S 6th St, Mount Horeb, WI 53572

  • Devery Cash
    As a native of south Alabama for 38 years, I relocated to the fabulous mid-west in January of 2000. Living in a college town now, I have become an avid Badger fan (luckily, I can wear all of my red and white Alabama gear and no one seems to notice that it is not Badger Red!). I am currently searching for a client who is a hockey fan that will take the time to explain to me what "icing", "hooking", and "offsides" mean so that the puzzled looks will disappear when I attend the hockey games.

    Professionaly, I spent 19 years in Sales and Support of Hospital Application Software where I had the time of my life traveling the United States. Since that time, I made my change in career to Real Estate in our Madison, Wisconsin marketplace.

    Licensed now for 13+ years, I have extensive experience selling homes, condominiums, and specializing in new construction. Whether you are a native of Madison or relocating to our fine city, please let me know your needs and I will show you how I can help you in your search for your next home.


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