1330 O’Neill Ave, Madison, WI 53704

  • Tori Wagner
    When you make the choice to hire a real estate professional, make certain it's a GREAT agent. One of integrity, loyalty and commitment to a life long relationship to honorably serve your family, friends and neighbors.


    Working with a realtor with Keller Williams, you have the support of a network of professionals, who understand that a home is more than walls, a roof and paint. It is your actual HOME that you are either looking to create memories, or to leave those memories. Both events can be a difficult, exhausting and a stressful process.

    That is where our team of Keller Williams professionals come along side you and your family. Through our exceptional training, honed process, wealth of experience and network of resources, I commit to make your home buying/selling process easier, efficient, and less stressful to enable you to focus the more important things in life: YOUR FAMILY!

    It is an honor to be your go-to agent!


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