1371 Blazingstar Ln, Sun Prairie, WI 53590

  • Cait Berry
    I provide the most comprehensive and competitive services around, I am transparent with my approach and If I think of a service that no one is doing yet, I push the envelope and kickstart it. Setting the bar higher is what I do. I don’t operate with generic templates and tired strategies. I have the flexibility, the vision and the tenacity to create a highly personalized experience for each and every client I am so fortunate to work with. Sellers enjoy my aggressive marketing approach that includes professional photos, HD virtual tours, floor plans, a custom branding package with website, personalized for sale signs, analytic reports, a paperless process and digital signatures. Buyers appreciate that I go the extra mile for them by offering my fine tuned neighborhood knowledge, finding properties before they go on the market and providing a simple paperless process.


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1371 Blazingstar Ln, Sun Prairie, WI 53590